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The Book

Fact or Fairytale?  A breathtaking cinematic docuseries, featuring world renowned experts who share archaeological discoveries supporting Biblical stories as historical fact.

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“The Bible is just a book of fairytales…”

TMG INC. presents the world-wide television release of ten new groundbreaking archaeological discoveries that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Bible accounts are historically accurate. In this series you will visit the digs where thousands of years old secrets have been unearthed, and hear testimony from the World’s foremost archeologists, experts and historians, as they take you on a journey behind these recent earth-shattering discoveries.

This series highlights some of the most valiant and courageous names in the Bible from ancient Israel. Scholars and archaeologists meticulously demonstrate how the Bible was used as a roadmap to find many of the artifacts, and how they all confirm people, places and events – exactly how the Bible described them.

Filled with beautiful cinematography and engaging narratives, THE BOOK, takes you on a journey of discovery designed to show you where significant Biblical events really took place, and how the truths of those experiences came to be revered as some of the most important stories in human history.

Captured in stunning 4K HD and featuring incredible VFX renderings and recreations of ancient history, with a stirring original orchestral score, and partnering input from the brightest intellectual, archeological and historical minds of our day, THE BOOK, is a stirring and profoundly thought provoking cinematic event.