About Us


Trillennium Media Group Inc. (TMG) was established in 2000. While it started as a media consulting business it quickly evolved into a multi-national media management company. From humble beginnings of managing sales for PAX overnights, TMG quickly grew to include paid programming inventory for VISIONTV, JOYTV, FAITHTV and IBN. TMG was instrumental in launching THE CHRISTIAN CHANNEL, now DAYSTAR CANADA. We are proud to manage a strong inventory of programmers through sales initiatives and audience growth and engagement strategies.

Our production history started in talk television, and while TMG has also produced Biographies and is working on a 10-episode Documentary series, our biggest focus remains talk television in the form of lifestyle and news commentary.


TMG is a full service production company. With experience in documentaries, biographies and a variety of talk television programs, we offer services from concept to distribution, and work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver a product that is innovative, unique and inline with the budget.

Our staff come alongside to assist you in developing your initial idea, to crafting the story you want to tell, as well as visual program set design. We help programmers identify their audience and shape the content to best fit their medium whether digital or general broadcast. TMG has established distribution relationships around the world and can also help get your program packaged, translated and distributed.

TMG Studios will make it work for you – if you can dream it, we can produce it.


TMG has produced more than 2000 television programs.  Our specialty is lifestyle and talk programming with a team of writers and program designers with a strong history in the creative field. Our focus has always been producing high quality for low cost.  We know that the most difficult step is getting started, so we help programmers walk through the entire process to manage expectations and ensure budgets are on target for your production.

Concept, production, distribution – TMG Studios can help make any program idea a reality.

Paid Program

Since the very beginning the goal has been to provide a national platform for faith-based content to be available to the masses. We manage a large and diverse program clientele airing in US, Canada and around the world.

Whether you are a programmer trying to reach a specific market, or you have a story concept that needs a path from pre-production to distribution – we can help you from beginning to end and remain engaged to help you meet your goals and find success for your project.